Kenak energy calculations

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La-kenak V.5.0

Energy calculations in Greece (K.EN.A.K. legislation)

14/1/2018 - Right now the code is being uploaded in pieces. Keep up for the few more days.


La-kenak – is an open-source php,js,mysql software helping engineers build a construction only by the dimensions of its external elements (walls, windows, floors, roofs) to help in many ways:

"La-kenak v.5.0"

Used libraries

A working example is available in

Installation Guide

Visit for the most updated guide regarding installing the software.


Contribution are welcome and recommended! Here is how:


La-kenak is an open source project that is licensed under GPLv3 Lisence (the files and calculations). All the libraries keep their lisencing.

Ready to use release - Dependancies on install

Keep in mind that this is written in a server side language (php) with a mysql database behind so this has to be inside a websserver environment with PHP. Also Apache is a good option and phpmydmin makes life easier for mysql entries. So under windows install it using xampp or mampp or any other web server.

A ready to use version (out of the box for ex. in a usb stick) will be provided soon.
For a web-server implementation several changes have to be made mainly in the text production and saving to mysql (right now LARGETEXT is used to store the text chapters in the database which incresses the DB dramatically). Some limits have been implemented for this reason. You can change those limits by the administration interface for every user or the main user.

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Donations are greatly appreciated! and welcome by contacting the author. Remember: This is a 6 year old project taking a lot of time and effort.